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Business Segments

The Otsuka Group conducts business in four main areas of activity: pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, consumer products, and other businesses.

Pharmaceutical Business

The pharmaceutical business focuses on the priority areas of the central nervous system and oncology in order to address unmet medical needs. Furthermore, the Group is engaged in a wide range of fields and businesses, including the cardiovascular system, gastroenterology, ophthalmology, diagnostics, and I.V. solutions and medical devices businesses, in order to provide comprehensive healthcare solutions ranging from diagnosis to treatment of disease.

Nutraceutical Business*

  • *Nutraceuticals = nutrition + pharmaceuticals.

The nutraceutical business focuses on functional beverages and foods that help maintain and promote day-to-day wellbeing. In recent years the Group has been developing a soy-based business predicated on the concept that the soybean is the "Soylution" ("Soy" and "solution") to many of humanity’s problems such as health, and environment issues.

Consumer Products Business

In the consumer products business, the Otsuka Group manufactures and supplies foods and drinks for everyday consumption. We have led the way with the development of products such as Bon Curry, which was launched in 1968 as the world’s first commercially available food in a plastic pouch bag, and Sinvino Java Tea Straight, which was a pioneer in the unsweetened tea beverage market. Our mission is to supply foods and beverages that satisfy on all levels: delicious, safe, reassuring, and healthy.

Other Businesses

The Otsuka Group also pursues diversified businesses, such as chemical materials for the automotive, electrical, electronic, and building materials sectors. We operate transport and warehousing services that provide eco-friendly logistics centering on the movement of pharmaceuticals, foods and beverages of the Otsuka Group, in addition to supplying electronic equipment to support cutting edge advancements in science and technology.