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Otsuka Group Intellectual Property Statement

In keeping with the corporate philosophy, “Otsuka-people creating new products for better health worldwide”, we strive to utilize our Group's unique assets and skills to develop innovative and creative products and services which contribute to the lives of people worldwide.

The importance of intellectual property is receiving increased recognition recently due to intensifying competition in almost all business areas. Therefore it is indispensable to improve our intellectual property awareness in order to implement the corporate philosophy in a sustainable and progressive way.

The Otsuka Group Intellectual Property Statement sets forth our fundamental policies and guidelines for Otsuka group companies with regard to intellectual property-related activities. Through execution of the statement we aim to raise awareness of intellectual property in Otsuka people worldwide, so as to maximize the potential of our intellectual property and expand our innovative and creative businesses.

Otsuka Group Intellectual Property Statement

(1) Intellectual Property Strategy to Support Business and Research & Development

‭Develop and implement intellectual property strategies that are consistent with corporate strategy and which build upon Otsuka’s Corporate Philosophy to promote creative business and R&D activities.

(2) Protection and Utilization of Global Intellectual Property Rights

Leverage intellectual property rights to protect multidimensionally and globally our R&D activities and utilize intellectual property rights proactively to maximize the value of our businesses.

(3) Respect for Rights of Other Companies and Compliance with Laws and Regulation

‭Otsuka respects the intellectual property rights of other companies, complies with laws and regulations related to intellectual property, and actively works to improve the awareness of the importance of intellectual property throughout the Otsuka group of companies.