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Consumer Products

The Otsuka group’s consumer products business, primarily Otsuka Foods Co., Ltd. is involved in the research and development of original and unique products in the food and beverage fields.

Otsuka Foods

In 1968, Otsuka Foods released Bon Curry, the world’s first commercially available food in plastic pouch bags, and has since produced a range of products that have been ahead of their time, such as Mannan Hikari, a rice-like processed food made from refined konjac flour and other ingredients and products in My Size series are perfect for people who feel that the portion size and calorie count of their meals are high, and Zero Meat of meat-free products made from soybeans.
Otsuka Foods aims to develop the kinds of products that people are happy to serve to their loved ones that incorporate the four key ingredients of ‘flavor’, ‘safety’, ‘peace of mind’, and ‘health’.
Based on original concepts and development capacity, as well as its traditional pioneering spirit, Otsuka Foods will continue to deliver original flavors and new dreams to people’s tables as only Otsuka Foods can.