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Otsuka-people creating new products for better health worldwide

Otsuka Pharmaceutical

Established in 1964, Otsuka Pharmaceutical is a total healthcare company. In keeping with its corporate philosophy of "Otsuka-people creating new products for better health worldwide," it aims to treat illness and sustain day-to-day well-being. With a pharmaceutical business that provides breakthrough treatments for patients around the world, and a nutraceutical business that helps healthy people get even healthier, Otsuka Pharmaceutical researches, develops, produces and sells highly innovative and creative products.

Otsuka Pharmaceutical Factory

Otsuka Pharmaceutical Factory was first founded as Otsuka Seiyaku Kogyobu (Otsuka Pharmaceutical) in 1921 and is the original company from which the Otsuka group has grown. We develop intravenous solutions, along with medical foods such as oral rehydration solutions and many other innovative products to meet a wide range of needs. The company also performs contract manufacturing utilizing the technologies we have developed. At present we are expanding our business operations from Japan to the international market with a focus on Asia. We are determined to consistently deliver safe, high-quality products to patients and healthcare professionals.

Taiho Pharmaceutical

Established in 1963, Taiho Pharmaceutical aspires to be an agile specialty pharmaceutical company trusted the world over, true to its corporate philosophy, "We strive to improve human health and contribute to a society enriched by smiles." It is also taking on the challenge of developing unique pharmaceuticals that can contribute to society. Even in its consumer healthcare business, Taiho Pharmaceutical strives to develop a unique brand that consumers will be loyal to for years to come.

Otsuka Warehouse

Founded in 1961, Otsuka Warehouse has been performing consistent logistics for pharmaceuticals and food products ever since. It has built a common distribution platform for the Otsuka group in the three product areas of pharmaceuticals, food and beverages, and daily necessities. In recent years, the company has grown to offer logistics services outside the group.

Otsuka Chemical

Founded in 1950, Otsuka Chemical aims to improve the lives and health of people as well as the environment through its business activities. It offers products and materials that meet a wide range of needs in society. As a manufacturer that develops original technologies, Otsuka Chemical supports customers and aims to continue to grow as a trusted company that provides value for society.

Otsuka Foods

Founded in 1955, Otsuka Foods has been proposing innovative new foods with reliable quality ever since. The company’s Corporate Philosophy is “creating deliciousness, safety, peace of mind and better health.” In 1968, Otsuka Foods launched Bon Curry—the world’s first commercial retort food product—under this motto: “the company begins with people and food begins with spirit.” Our belief that foods that are delicious, safe, and healthy create cheerful and enjoyable meals and add color to a happy life has always underpinned our strategy. Our aspiration to safely deliver delicious foods to customers and our commitment to making truly good products with love will remain as true in the future as they were half a century ago. We will continue to evolve as a pioneer of retort foods.

Otsuka Medical Devices

Established in 2011, Otsuka Medical Devices oversees the Otsuka group's medical devices business. Its objective is to grow the business, which operates mainly in Asia, including Japan and China, into one of the group's core businesses. The company is striving to spur further development for the Otsuka group by bringing together the group's medical device experience and expertise to meet new healthcare needs.

We mourn the loss of those who have died from COVID-19, extend our sympathies to their loved ones, wish COVID-19 survivors rapid and permanent recoveries, and express our gratitude to medical professionals and others who support the ill.

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