Otsuka Group Global Code of Business Ethics


United under the banner of our corporate philosophy, “Otsuka-people creating new products for better health worldwide,” we are working tirelessly toward a shared vision: improving global health through innovative products and services. As a “Big Venture Company,” we keep moving forward, constantly asking ourselves the following questions: Is our work innovative? Are we meeting the needs of our patients and consumers globally? Do our pharmaceutical products bring something innovative to healthcare? Can our nutraceutical products create new markets?

As we strengthen our presence in the international marketplace, we have a heightened duty to continue fulfilling our ethical and legal obligations as a responsible global corporate citizen. To earn and secure the trust and confidence of our stakeholders including patients and consumers, we operate our business ethically, and with integrity.

The Otsuka Group Global Code of Business Ethics embodies and reiterates our commitment to integrity, which remains steadfast across the Otsuka group worldwide. I strongly hope that our adherence to the principles set forth in this Code promotes a fair and open workplace inspiring creativity, empowering us to reach our fullest potential, and enabling us to enhance the quality of life worldwide.

July 1, 2014

Tatsuo Higuchi
President and Representative Director, CEO