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Message from the President

Meeting the Challenges of a New Era
through Otsuka’s Venture Spirit

Tatsuo Higuchi President, Representative Director, and CEO

The world is undergoing significant changes. In the area of technological innovation, advances in artificial intelligence are leading to digitization of all kinds of information, enabling massive quantities of data to be simultaneously analyzed and made available on networks. Meanwhile, some governments are reasserting national autonomy through devising policy initiatives for their individual countries.

In healthcare, the main activity of the Otsuka group, we are pursuing change through major innovations that respond to the future needs of super-aged societies. We have launched big data initiatives in health and medical information, seeking even better ways to maintain and improve people’s health, including through the efficacy and efficiency of treatments.

Amid these changes, across the Otsuka group’s businesses, we are staying true to our unwavering corporate philosophy—“Otsuka-people creating new products for better health worldwide” This philosophy, which we inherit from our predecessors, energizes us to keep taking on new challenges and ventures. Based on our concept of total healthcare, in which we aim to maintain and promote day-to-day health as well as help to cure disease, we contribute to people’s health through innovative products. This is our way of riding the surge of global change.

Turning to the group’s business areas, we are approaching the end of our Second Medium-Term Management Plan, which covers the five-year period from 2014 to 2018. In the pharmaceutical business, drugs we discovered in-house, which are our future growth drivers, are achieving results according to plan in multiple countries. Meanwhile, we are working to further strengthen our current strategies and expand sustainable growth opportunities in this business through investment. In the nutraceutical* business, we are accelerating the creation and global deployment of new products designed to meet yet-to-be-imagined consumer needs, and we are striving to build a rock-solid management foundation.

To live up to our corporate philosophy, we will continue working to fulfill people’s wish to lead a healthy life by offering unique products that only Otsuka can create.

We deeply appreciate your ongoing support.

Tatsuo Higuchi
President and Representative Director, CEO

  • * Nutraceuticals = nutrition + pharmaceuticals