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The Otsuka group Nutraceutical* business is focused on the research and development of functionnal beverages and foods that help maintain and promote day-to-day well-being.

  • * Nutraceuticals = nutrition + pharmaceuticals

Otsuka Pharmaceutical

Otsuka Pharmaceutical leverages the know-how it has cultivated in pharmaceutical business to develop products that support people's health in their daily lives. The company aims to do so through the creation of new value without regard to current trends or popular taste, developing innovative products that gain favor around the world.
One example is the 2014 launch of the equol-containing food EQUELLE to promote women's health and beauty. We strive to help women shine.
A second example resulted from the research by Otsuka Pharmaceutical’s nutraceutical research centers in Otsu and Saga Japan on the interconnectedness between the digestive tract, nutrition and exercise. These efforts culminated in the 2017 launch of BODYMAINTÉ Jelly, a conditioning food formulated with Otsuka’s proprietary ingredient lactic acid bacteria B240. BODYMAINTÉ Drink, a drinkable-liquid version, was launched in 2018.
Earlier pathbreaking examples include the electrolyte drink POCARI SWEAT, based on the concept of a "drinkable IV", the balanced nutritional food Calorie Mate which makes it easy to access the five essential nutrients, and the soy bar SOYJOY which provides the nutritional goodness of soy.
The development of these products has been carried out both at Otsuka's own research institutes, as well as at external institutes with which we collaborate to uncover additional scientific evidence and maximize the health-improving value of our products.

Otsuka Pharmaceutical Factory

We are conducting R&D activities in the field of medical foods used for medical treatment and nursing care settings including home care.
Based on the approach to oral rehydration therapy proposed by the WHO, we developed an oral rehydration solution, OS-1, featuring a balance of electrolytes and carbohydrates. OS-1 is approved by the Consumer Affairs Agency as an individually evaluated food for persons with medical conditions.
In addition, we launched HINE E-GEL concentrated liquid diet which focuses on the issue of digestive symptoms involving enteral nutrition and developed PROCESSLEAD, a chew and swallow managing food which is a new form of food focusing on the functions of eating. In 2017, we launched REHADAYS, a beverage containing necessary nutrients to support exercise and rehabilitation.
We have created the above innovative products which contribute to the patient's health.
In the field of OTC products, Oronine H Ointment which took over Oronine brand launched in 1953 is a long-selling brand which has been used for over half a century as a household antiseptic medicine.
We will continue to provide high-value-added products which meet the needs of customers.

Taiho Pharmaceutical

Taiho Pharmaceutical is actively engaged in developing consumer healthcare products that are used for a variety of health conditions and symptoms. The vitamin tonic Tiovita series, the herbal digestive drink Solmack series, and Harncare series, the herbal crude drug for mild incontinence and urinary frequency, are all well-known brands in Japan. Taiho Pharmaceutical markets Tiovita outside Japan as well, in Hong Kong, aiming to promote its business globally. It is also engaged in providing new products such as Pitas Sore Throat Troche and Pure Quick S Ointment to meet consumers' needs.
We are determined to continue to take on the challenge of creating and nurturing unique brands that consumers love for many years.