Declaration of Consumer-oriented Commitment



In the spirit of our corporate philosophy, “Otsuka – people creating new products for better health worldwide”, the Otsuka group of companies provides innovative products and services that contribute to more rewarding, healthier lives for people everywhere, aiming to maintain the trust of our customers and society.


1. Commitment from our Leaders

‭We conduct our daily business with constant attentiveness to what patients and customers truly desire. We continue to uphold Otsuka’s culture of actualization and creativity as a company involved in all aspects of health, from the treatment of illnesses to the maintenance and promotion of healthy lifestyles. We are dedicated to becoming an indispensible company, contributing to better health and quality of life for people around the globe.

2. Corporate Governance

Our basic policies dictate that we fulfill our social responsibilities through honest and trustworthy dialogue with customers, business collaborators, employees, local communities, and shareholders; and that we do so through transparent, fair, and timely decision-making.

3. Inculcate Values in Employees

‭‭We have grown as a business by drawing upon the power of our highly diverse workforce. We remain committed to fostering the social and business mindfulness of employees so that we may stay abreast of prevailing values and true customer needs in order to create new categories of products and services.

4. Interactive Communication with Customers

Applying knowledge and know-how accumulated through years of research and business, we conduct mutual communication activities including seminars, factory tours, and online communications to encourage people to become more aware and informed about their health. We have also established points of contact for inquiries, consultations, and feedback to enhance our products and services.

5. Coordination and Cooperation for Rapid Problem-Solving

‭‭As a health-related company, we always put patients and consumers first, prioritizing the safety of our products. If any issues come to light, we marshal all resources so that we may quickly and efficiently provide solutions and develop ever-better products and services.

October, 2018