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Otsuka Group Environmental Policy

In order to become an essential company that contributes to the health of people worldwide, Otsuka Group will contribute to the realization of asustainable society by always taking account of the global environment in the value chain as it pursues its business activities with its trademark qualities of autonomy, proactiveness and creativity.


1.Climate Change
Otsuka Group will contribute to the control of global warming by pursuing initiatives for the reduction of CO2 emissions.

2.Resource Circulation
Otsuka Group will contribute to the realization of Zero-Waste society by continuously improving resource efficiency.

3.Water Conservation
Otsuka Group will contribute to the sustainable use of water resources by pursuing initiatives for the careful use and clean return of water.

4.Environmental compliance
Otsuka Group will continuously improve its environmental management system, increase compliance effectiveness, and reduce risks.

(March, 2019)

Otsuka Group’s Materiality and Related SDGs
Materiality Social Issues Our Goals Our Activities Related SDGs
[Healthier Planet]
Climate change
  • Global warming
  • FY 2030 Goal: 30% reduction in CO2 emissions compared to FY 2017
  • Reduce CO2 emissions throughout the value chain
Resource circulation
  • Environmental load increase
  • FY 2030 Goal: 50% reduction in simple incineration and landfill compared to FY 2019*
  • FY 2030 Goal | 50% or higher content of recycled and plant-based materials in our PET bottles
  • Reduce environmental impact by improving resource efficiency
  • Promotion of business activities aimed at a sustainable state in both society and the earth
Water conservation
  • Reducing freshwater availability
  • FY 2030 Goal: Improvement of water use efficiency by 15% compared to FY 2017
  • Understanding water resources risk
  • Management and effective use of water resources

* Calculated using 2019 as base year

Otsuka Group Global Environmental Council

As a group of global companies that contribute to the health of people worldwide, the Otsuka group works sincerely to reduce the impact we have on the global environment through our businesses, and hopes to contribute to the creation of a sustainable society that can protect the nature and the future of the earth.
The Otsuka Group Global Environmental Council—comprising a director of Otsuka Holdings, executive officers from each group company, and a secretariat—formulated the Otsuka Group Environmental Policy and Guidelines and advances initiatives on environmental management through collaboration between Otsuka group companies.
The Otsuka group has identified climate change, resource circulation, and water conservation as the CSR Materiality in its environmental initiatives. We have kicked off deliberations on the formulation of a long-term environmental vision that is consistent with the principles of the United Nations Global Compact, information disclosure under global standards, and the setting of medium-term environmental targets with specific action plans slated for launch in 2019.
Looking ahead, we will strengthen and practice environmental management that meets our social responsibilities and the demands of a global society by deepening the understanding and recognition of environmental problems through environmental education for employees and by further enhancing collaboration between our group companies.

  • Climate Change
  • Resource Circulation
  • Water Conservation