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Resource circulation - Otsuka Group Plastic Policy -

“Resource circulation” is part of our stewardship of the environment, one of three areas of CSR materiality for the Otsuka group of companies. In this endeavor, we believe it is critical to take prompt actions to advance plastic recycling and curb marine plastic pollution, which have become worldwide challenges.

In 2020, we established the Otsuka Group Plastic Policy in an effort to realize a sustainable society.

Otsuka Group Plastic Policy

Fundamental concept

PET bottles comprise the majority of plastic containers and packaging used for consumer products by our group companies. For this reason, we believe that by promoting PET bottle recycling, we can reduce our reliance on fossil fuel and thereby contribute to environmental conservation. Our plan is to use PET bottles manufactured from recycled and plant-based materials and increase the percentage of such sustainable resource use in our production processes globally to 50 percent by 2030 and 100 percent by 2050. Moreover, to advance PET material recycling, it is essential to recycle PET bottles for use as raw material. Together with our various stakeholders, we will advance our global efforts on proper collection and recycling of used PET bottles.

Our vision for 2050

For our entire line of consumer products, we will endeavor to use packaging that supports a sustainable society:

・No use of plastics made from petroleum-based materials
・Promote use of recycled, plant-based, and biodegradable materials
・Promote use of reusable packaging

Our goal for 2030
  • Achieve a 50 percent or higher content of recycled and plant-based materials in our PET bottles
  • Introduce alternative packaging (e.g., paper) and increase use of cans for our drink products
  • Step up promotion of drink bottle recycling by introducing reusable packaging through a zero-waste sales and circular distribution model, which also include the use of sports bottles for our powder products

We will promote the use of alternative packaging and concurrently pursue using more recyclable materials for drink containers

The Otsuka Group Plastic Policy will inspire us to take swift actions to properly manage plastic resources. Thus, we will carry on efforts for the sustainable use of plastic as well as resource recycling. Specifically, but not limited to these, we will develop an action plan with regard to PET bottles, use recycled and plant-based materials, and examine alternative packaging.