Approach to Sustainability


The Otsuka Group’s Approach to Sustainability

Guided by its corporate philosophy, the Otsuka group works to solve social issues through its businesses and aims to grow while contributing to the creation of a healthy and sustainable society. We define “business activities,” “social contribution related to business activities,” and “foundational activities” as three core areas to achieve sustainability, and are proactively advancing these initiatives.

*To give back to the local community in Indonesia, POCARI SWEAT manufacturer and distributor P.T. Amerta Indah Otsuka has implemented a social action program based on three core pillars: SATU HATI Cerdaskan Bangsa (“One Heart for Education”), SATU HATI Peduli Lingkungan (“One Heart for Environment”), and SATU HATI Sehatkan Bangsa (“One Heart for Health”).