Sustainability Management Structure


Sustainability Promotion Committee

The Otsuka Group Sustainability Promotion Committee was established in 2018 and is chaired by the director in charge of sustainability promotion at Otsuka Holdings. The committee promotes sustainability for the entire Otsuka Group, acting as an engine for discussions and decision-making regarding the direction of sustainability-related activities, plans, and other measures. Committee meetings are held regularly to discuss direction and evaluate activities, develop systems in each area of sustainability promotion, and update promotion plans, as necessary. Committee members comprise group officers in charge of areas relating to sustainability, such as supply chain, environment, human resources, corporate governance, compliance risk management, and public relations, with the Sustainability Promotion, IR and Corporate Planning Departments of Otsuka Holdings functioning as the secretariat.

Agenda of the Sustainability Promotion Committee

Fiscal 2022

In fiscal 2022, under the leadership of the Otsuka Holdings director in charge of sustainability promotion, a cross-functional committee meeting was held to share and discuss sustainability initiatives in wide-ranging areas. One area of our group’s initiatives for sustainability addresses the crucial issue of healthcare access. Our discussions included Otsuka Pharmaceutical’s program for eradicating tuberculosis. As well, speakers from outside the group were invited to deliver lectures on human capital management during the meeting.

Theme Content
General sustainability
  • The sustainability environment at Otsuka
  • Integrated Report and investor engagement
  • Medium-term environmental targets and strategy
  • Initiatives in 2022: joined the RE100 (global corporate renewable energy initiative), established the group’s integrated energy system, and widened the application of ISO 14001 integrated certification, etc.
Sustainable procurement
  • Progress and future direction of the project to strengthen sustainable procurement
  • Implementing supplier briefings and the Self-Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ)
Compliance and risk management
  • Otsuka Group Global Speak-Up Policy and Otsuka Group Global ERM Policy
  • Enterprise risk management (ERM)
  • Actions for improving risk management
Customer engagement
  • Challenges and new initiatives in customer engagement
Program to eradicate tuberculosis
  • State of regulatory approval for and global access to delamanid, the anti-tuberculosis drug, and the development of a pediatric formulation

Fiscal 2021

Theme Content
Diversity and inclusion
  • Efforts to improve global organizational and human resource capabilities
Human rights
  • Salient human rights issues and PDCA implemented
  • Initiatives for due diligence on human rights for business partners
  • Promotion for respecting human rights
Sustainable procurement
  • Activities of the Otsuka Sustainable Procurement Task Force
  • Status of implementation of the common SAQ
  • Status of implementation of supplier briefings
Consumer-oriented management
  • Actions taken to spread awareness in-house
  • Activities related to the declaration of consumer-oriented management
  • Otsuka Group Global Anti-Fraud Policy Policy
  • Initiatives related to Enterprise Risk Management (ERM)
  • Strengthening cybersecurity
  • Integrated group energy strategy
  • Creating a platform to globally promote environmental activities