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People -Health and Safety-

Basic Policy

The Otsuka group recognizes that the mental and physical wellbeing of each and every employee is indispensable to realizing our shared corporate philosophy of “Otsuka-people creating new products for better health worldwide”. To this end, we are committed to creating a safe workplace environment and are continuously implementing initiatives that maintain and improve the health of our employees.


The main Otsuka group companies have a health declaration under which it strives to create a workplace environment conducive to maintaining and improving the health of all employees. As part of this initiative, Otsuka Holdings engages in activities aimed at improving the health of employees by collaborating with the Otsuka Pharmaceutical Health Insurance Association, medical professionals, and those in charge of health management at each company. One such activity is the hosting of health seminars for group employees and their families. They are held in Japan’s major cities nationwide and provide information about the group’s initiatives on health, an introduction to the health insurance association, and information that can improve the health of employees and their families. Another activity is the group-wide Tokushima Health Project, known as TOK-J, which started in 2017. The theme of the project is “creating a lively and cheerful workplace by alleviating the risk of lifestyle diseases.” The project kicked off with two approaches: 1) improving the health of employees susceptible to metabolic syndrome in the Tokushima area (where the majority of the Otsuka group employees live and work); and 2) raising awareness of health issues in the area overall. The project recommends walking and exercise and offers guidance on healthy eating.
Furthermore, from the perspective of creating a safe and reassuring workplace, Otsuka Chemical, for example, opened its Anzen Dojo (Experience-based Safety Training Center) in 2012. This center runs training sessions for group employees, employees of overseas affiliates, and third parties with the aim of improving safety awareness. Through classroom instruction and simulations of past accidents, the center reaffirms the experience of failure and safety awareness, heightens sensitivity to danger, and develops the ability to anticipate things one step ahead. In recognition of its activities to improve health and safety education and establish a safety culture, Otsuka Chemical received the 8th Responsible Care Excellence Award from the Japan Chemical Industry Association in 2014.

External Recognition

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Excellent Corporation for Health Management Excellent Corporation for Health Management
(Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, Nippon Kenko Kaigi)

A system that recognizes corporations that practice exceptionally good health management
Certified in 2019: Otsuka Holdings, Otsuka Pharmaceutical, Otsuka Pharmaceutical Factory, Taiho Pharmaceutical, Otsuka Electronics, JIMRO, Otsuka Wellness Vending