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People -Development of Human Resources-

Basic Policy

At any point in history, innovation is always generated by people. The Otsuka group would like to continuously create innovation by attracting talented personnel and developing and flourishing the abilities of each individual continuously.


Alongside medium- to long-term business investments, the development of next-generation executive human resources is essential if we are to constantly achieve creative, innovative, and sustained growth in the Middle and Longer- Term, as well as significant growth in corporate value. In 2016 we launched Otsuka Global Academy, human resource development program, with the aim of early identifying and nurturing talented personnel that will underpin the development of the next generation. Executive human resource development programs, Senior Leadership Program and Middle Leadership Program are produced and run in-house across the Otsuka group, but also aims to realize effective HR development through collaboration with external agencies. The program emphasizes the handing down of corporate culture and seeks to identify the kind of candidates required to lead the Otsuka group in the future. As of the end of May 2019, over 100 employees from the group had participated in the program. And in the area of supporting self-directed learning, in 2017 we launched the OGA Self-Learning Syllabus, a platform that Otsuka group employees can utilize to find information about learning English or improving their business skills, among other things. We are building an educational framework that reflects the characteristics of each group company’s business so that each member of our diverse workforce can continue to develop and demonstrate their respective skills. We have also established an open recruitment system*1 and self-assessment system*2 for the purpose of enhancing the capabilities of each employee.
At Otsuka Pharmaceutical, the Human Resources Department employs a system of following up on opinions voiced by employees by holding individual meetings with every employee. We are also making efforts to maximize the development of global human resources and our organizational capabilities with the introduction of a new system to centrally manage HR information on a global level so that all of our employees worldwide can play a more active role. Otsuka Pharmaceutical Factory is working to enhance the management skills of its leaders with the implementation of a 360-degree feedback system for its department managers, who receive multi-faceted feedback from multiple people with differing positions and relationships.

Under this system, the Otsuka group discloses in advance the conditions of a certain posting or job and then appoints the required number of people from among those who applied. Employees that satisfy the requirements can apply directly to the company offering the position and be transferred if expectations of both parties are in agreement. The open recruitment system can be utilized by any person working at the Otsuka group companies in Japan and aims to boost employee skills and motivation and invigorate interaction between the Otsuka group employees.
Under this system, employees can provide information to the Human Resources Department about their current work duties, offer opinions and suggestions regarding their workplace, and describe their career plan aspirations. The self-assessment system is implemented once yearly with the goal of further developing employee skills, assigning employees the right jobs, and improving the workplace environment.