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Seek to resolve global health issues from a total healthcare perspective.
Do away with deep-seated preconceptions and promote the development of creative human resources.
Pursue product quality and reliability from the viewpoint of consumers.

Otsuka Group’s Materiality and Related SDGs
Materiality Social Issues Our Goals Our Activities Related SDGs
[Healthier Society]
  • Unmet medical and health needs
  • Spread of inflections diseases
  • Nutritional needs
  • Increasing aging issues
  • Contribution to unmet needs solution
  • Eradication of tuberculosis
  • Creation of a system for the realization of a healthful life
  • Healthy life extension
  • Promotion of R&D for unmet needs
  • R&D of antituberculosis drugs and improvement of drug access
  • Support for people’s health maintenance / improvement mainly on exercise and nutrition etc., enlightenment activities
  • Promotion of problem solving by strengthening partnerships
  • Presenteeism*
  • Unprepared for diversification
  • Creation of a corporate culture that stimulates creativity
  • Enhance employee engagement
  • Human resource development
  • Diversity promotion
  • Health management
Quality in all we do
  • Consumption and production that impairs sustainability
  • Gaining stakeholder trust
  • Pursuing sustainability at all levels of the value chain
  • Establishing a quality assurance system for safety and security
  • Sustainable procurement and product design
  • Thorough quality control and stable supply
  • Responsible promotional activities and information provision
  • Deepening communication with stakeholders
  • Promotion of “Customer-oriented management”

* The situation where productivity does not go up from the badness of the mind and body condition despite coming to work

  • 健康
  • 人材
  • 品質